Support Our Squad

SXL is excited to announce that ALL of its International Squad will be representing Australia this year. 9 Athletes have been selected to represent Australia at The World Age Group Championships in Antwerp, and 6 Athletes will represent Australia at the Flanders International Acro Cup. This is well deserved and amazing recognition of all the hard work that the athletes and their coaches have put in over the years.

Acrobatics  gymnastics in Australia is 100% self funded. As you can imagine there are significant costs for travel expenses, qualified coaches, high level facilities, uniforms, leotards and more. We are asking for your help to support these gymnasts achieve their dreams by making a donation.

Any small donation will help us and we are very grateful for your help. We will also be organising a raffle and trivia night and details will be available soon.

Please chose a donation amount below (or any combination of amounts) to support our Athletes.

Thank you –¬† Parents and Coaches of the SXL International squad

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